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Why is Yūji Itadori so powerful?

Jujutsu Kisen is a series in which the supporting character Satoru Gojō is so likable that most people think the entire series revolves around him. But it is not. he is called, Jujutsu Kisen It tells the story of Yūji Itadori, the unlikely hero and vessel of the all-powerful Ryōmen Sukuna. And while most people want Itadori to consume as many of Sukuna’s fingers as possible and then die, Gojō is the one to protect him. Now, Itadori’s story has been interesting, and with the recent manga developments, it’s promising to get even more interesting in the future. In light of this fact, we will talk about it in this article, where you will find out why Itadori is so powerful, despite all its shortcomings.

And although he is not naturally gifted, Yūji Itadori has a natural talent for growth and is also a quick learner, which is why his teachers were able to teach him how to control and use his cursed energy. Also, presumably, due to his connection to Sukuna (who was his vessel for a while), Itadori was able to capture portions of Sukuna’s power, improving his abilities and making him much stronger than he would have been normally.

As you may infer by yourselves, Yūji Itadori will be the focus of this article as we expand on the answer we gave above. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about his powers and abilities as well as how they relate to the Itadori story and his place in the world. Jujutsu Kisen. In case you haven’t been up to date on everything that is going on in this amazing series, we have to warn you that some spoilers may be in there in this article.

Yūji Itadori wasn’t the weakest character in the series, but he wasn’t the strongest either

Yūji Itadori is a Jujutsu magician awaiting promotion and a first-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College. He was known for his exceptional physical abilities which earned him the nickname “High School Tiger” during his days as a student at Sugisawa Municipal High School. As a vessel, it has the extremely rare ability to contain Sukuna’s soul without ill effects. These natural abilities allow him to see curses and inflict damage at soul modifiers.

Yugi is unable to utilize any kind of cursed method, as he was not born with the innate talent for it. There is evidence that he can use shikigami or screens if he is trained to use them. Yugi has the ability to act as a vessel, so despite his lack of innate ability, he is able to manipulate cursed energy, since this ability comes from swallowing the cursed fingers of a special class, Sukuna, and he usually uses this power to enhance his strikes, increasing their effect.

According to Satoru Gojō, in the future, the techniques Sukuna uses can become part of Itadori and he will be able to use them. It is revealed that if Yugi were to swallow one of the Nine Cursed Wombs, there would be two possibilities, either Sukuna in his current state would become a Cursed Womb, or the consciousness of the Nine Wombs would disappear and they would become Yugi’s Cursed Energy, since Sukuna would annihilate them.

Yūji is a talented fighter with the ability to utilize discretionary strikes and crush the earth. Yugi is able to perform a finely tuned attack, which involves changing the power in his fist and ending his attack just before it makes contact. Yugi is an accomplished martial artist and master of Taido. Despite not having any formal training, Yūji is able to quickly wield a weapon thanks to his strength and knowledge. However, it should be noted that due to his lack of skill, he has difficulty channeling cursed energy into a weapon.

He possesses such incredible speed that during his days as a student at Sugisawa Municipal High School, he was known for being able to take just three seconds to run the full 50-meter distance. Likewise, he can escape at high speed from his opponents’ range without much effort, and can even do so while carrying objects or people with him. He can also move around the entire battlefield in order to use it to his advantage and can run while performing multiple exorcisms simultaneously.

Yugi kicks Hanami several times 29

On the other hand, when the students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College tried to assassinate him, he was able to quickly perceive the situation and thanks to his speed and good reflexes, he was able to avoid simultaneous attacks by five magicians. On several occasions his reflexes combined with his speed allowed him to maneuver around the countryside around him and he was able to react instantly in order to stay alive.

On top of everything, Itadori is a curious person by nature and often thinks of new things to ask his teachers. The simple lessons are easy to understand, but he usually takes his time with the harder lessons so he can learn them quickly. He is very adept at getting ahead because of his long attention span. He was able to finish the first level of Satoru Gojō’s movie watching training in a matter of hours, and even after learning from Aoi Todo, he continued to advance rapidly and upgrade his strength and use of cursed energy.

He has huge potential, which has allowed him to become exceptionally powerful, even without Sukuna

Now that we’ve explained his powers and abilities, we can actually move on to analyzing why Itadori is so powerful. Namely, we came to the conclusion that Itadori did not have a natural talent for dealing with cursed energy, like Yuuta and Gogo, for example. But, he had an innate ability to use it and learn about it, which was why he was such an important character. Of course, had he not consumed Sukuna’s fingers, he might not have gotten to where he is now, but Itadori doesn’t really owe everything to Sukuna. Sure, Sukuna provided a decent boost for him to become a Jujutsu Mage and unlock his powers, but it wasn’t the source of his powers and abilities, and we can’t say that, because the situation isn’t that simple.

Specifically, Itadori had a natural talent for manipulating cursed energy, but since he had no need for it, he had been asleep most of his life. At some point, though, he becomes energized thanks to him eating Sukuna’s fingers. Now, some of you might argue that he got his powers from Sukuna, but we’re not going to put it that way – we think Itadori got his powers thanks to Sukuna, but not from Sukuna. Itadori had a natural talent for this, but it was dormant and thanks to Sukuna, it became active. This is also reflected in the fact that Itadori’s powers are completely separate from Sukuna’s, meaning that Itadori cannot actually use Sukuna’s powers and abilities; They are two entities in one body, but their powers and abilities are very different and Sukuna needs to take over the body from Itadori for his powers to manifest.

Yuji thanks Gojo for welcoming him back to life

The fact that Itadori is able to resist Sukuna, the most powerful cursed spirit in history, is further proof of Itadori’s strength. Sure, Sukuna isn’t in the prime of his power, but we have to say two things here. First of all, Itadori was able to fight off Sukuna’s influence while never having any powers of his own and when he wasn’t aware of his jujutsu skills; This shows how mentally stable he is. Secondly, even Sukuna himself acknowledged Itadori’s strength. He is shocked to find that the boy is able to resist him, but eventually admits it and that is why he has been searching for a way out from Itadori’s body; He was aware that while he was inside his body, he would not be able to fully control it, which meant that he would not be able to revive himself.

Another thing that made Itadori so strong was his natural curiosity. He is a very curious person and definitely wants to learn new things; He’s also willing to put in a lot of effort to learn things, like he did when he first trained with the doll. He is also a very quick learner and this fact, along with his natural talent and mental fortitude, is what made Itadori so powerful, regardless of the fact that Sukuna wasn’t with him anymore and that he wasn’t able to use Sukuna’s powers and abilities by himself. We’ve explained all of this to you now, and you now know how and why Itadori became so powerful and how he managed to become one of the best and most important characters in the series.

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