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Top 10 quotes from Yūta Okkotsu

the hero of the story Jujutsu Kisen 0, Yūta Okkotsu, is a character that has definitely caught the attention of many people. In the end, people keep asking why Yūta Okkotsu is not in the anime series. We have already brought you several articles about Yūta Okkotsu, and this article will be a continuation of this trend, as we will look at Yūta Okkotsu’s personality and his public role in the series. Jujutsu Kisen manga and anime series. He is an exceptionally interesting character and in that aspect, he definitely deserves to be analyzed and explored.

This list will include a total of the 10 best Yūta Okkotsu quotes you need to know from Jujutsu Kisen Anime and manga. The quotes are taken from different contexts and situations, and we have decided to list them for you here and also explain the context and meaning a bit.

1. “I want to connect with someone. I want to need someone. I want to feel confident and like it’s okay to live.”

Members Jujutsu Kisen He probably knows that Yūta Okkotsu was the original protagonist of Jujutsu Kisen series, but was replaced by Itadori when the series continued and later revised. In this aspect, he was significantly different from Itadori and had a completely different personality to him, which is why it is so original and wonderfully written. Yūta Okkotsu was a lonely boy, who lost everything in a single moment and was forced to live by his loneliness in a world that had no tolerance for his uniqueness nor his pain. That’s why he wanted a purpose in life, he wanted… no, he needed a reason to survive in a world that had everything taken from him, and this quote perfectly illustrates the pain and loneliness of this little boy.

2. “I will give you my future, my heart, and my body… I love you, Rica… This is pure love.”

As far as we’ve come to understand, the thing that Yūta Okkotsu and Rika had was real, tangible, and real. They loved each other, and even though they were very young when Rikka was killed, it seemed like Akutami wanted to portray him as something real. This is why Rika remained attached to Yūta, i.e. why he did what he did to keep her by his side. Rika, until her release, was his whole world, and while he lived with pain and loneliness, he still had Rika and having Rika by his side made his life easier and helped him, if only slightly, survive the daily dangers of his – from his point of view – miserable existence.

3. “I’m starting to think Rika didn’t curse me after all. I think I might be the one who cursed Rika.”

This was actually a horrifying realization that everyone had to face and swallow, especially because it was usually the other way around. Curses tend to stick to people because they have been cursed by them or people have been cursed by someone else, but in Rika’s case, they are linked to Yūta Okkotsu because he “cursed” her. He didn’t do it on purpose or because he was evil, he simply didn’t want to ever lose her, so he bound her demon form to him and lived with her existence, even though she was a monster at the time, a proper monster. And when this was revealed, it came as a shock to everyone, but Yuuta Okutsu is going to end up doing the right thing here.

4. “I will not help people who insult my friends!”

Even though Yūta Okkotsu was a lonely person and had no friends, he knew what friendship was and why loyalty was so important. He met some new friends when Satoru brought him to school and despite all the differences they had, in addition to his aloof personality, Yita Okutsu knew the three of them were his friends and he was willing to do whatever it took to protect them, which is why he stood in He eventually confronted Suguru and refused to join him, as he couldn’t join someone who was mean and mean to his friends. These friends were all he had and he wouldn’t lose them.

5. “I just, I never want to see anyone get hurt again.”

Like loneliness, pain has also been a vital part of Yūta Okutsu’s life. He experienced emotional pain after Rika’s death, and since being bullied, he has also experienced mental and physical pain throughout his life. And while some people in pain also cause pain to others, Yūta Okkotsu was not that kind of person; He didn’t want to see anyone in pain or suffering, which is why he acted as he did. He wanted to protect those he cared about, and what’s more, he wanted to not be the one to hurt others. Perhaps this was because deep down he knew what he had done to Brecca, so guilt greatly affected his behavior and his perception of pain.

6. “I was planning on disappearing from circulation, only… When the teacher told me I would feel lonely, I didn’t know what to answer. I would like to have friends, to be of use to someone! I wish I had enough confidence to be able to say that my life Worth it!”

This one is very similar to many of the others on this list and further illustrates, as we said, his complexity and depth as a character. Yūta Okkotsu’s pain was really good and Akutami made it feel authentic and real, not like something that exists just for show. It influenced Yūta’s actions, behavior, and relationships with other characters, which is why we can only praise the author’s commitment when it comes to portraying Yūta. This was, of course, evident in his replicas as well, and we can’t help but reiterate that this quote is one of the best examples of Yūta Okkotsu’s depth and complexity, which is why it’s on this list in the first place.

7. “Sir, I will become an exorcist to free Rika from her curse!”

Yūta Okkotsu’s commitment to Rika and her well-being, even after her death, was admirable and motivated him to become a Jujutsu magician, something he wasn’t really open to at first. But, Yūta Okkotsu, like we said, knew the value of friendship, loyalty, and especially love, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who knew what Yūta Okkotsu was up to as a character. He would desire anything for Rika, even to completely change his plans and goals, as long as it was enough to save her and make her feel good, and freeing her from the curse was definitely one of those things.

8. “I DON’T UNDERSTAND!! I don’t know about any witches outside of this school, so I don’t know what other people think…and I’m not in a position to judge you.”

Yūta Okkotsu had a very interesting relationship with Suguru, who liked him and wanted to introduce him. Suguru, as someone close to Satoru’s level of power, knew how valuable Yuta Okutsu was and wanted him by his side, but what he didn’t know was how determined Yuta Okutsu was to protect his friends, and how firm his moral code in reality was. He could not be swayed, and while Suguru certainly tried, Yota Okutsu remained steadfast in his beliefs, though he admitted he lacked the experience to properly judge his position.

9. “I just decided I was going to change, right here and now!”

Well, that was… interesting, if you think about Yūta Okkotsu’s perspective on life and other things. Namely, Yūta Okkotsu has been going through a lot in his life, and from this perspective, change is to be expected, but Yūta seems to lack the initiative to do so. However, with everything that happened to him, he simply decided to become stronger and a better friend to everyone, someone they could count on, and this quote explains how that happened, and how he decided to become that better, stronger version of himself.

10. “But in order to stay with all my friends… to believe it’s okay that I’m alive… I’d have to kill you!”

And the last quote is reserved for that important moment during Yūta Okkotsu’s fight against Suguru, when he finally decided he wasn’t going to join him and started fighting in a proper way. This shows how determined Yota Okutsu is to change and be stronger. This shows how much he cares about his friends and how much they change him. This shows how much he loved Rika and wanted to be the one to release her from her curse. Suguru is eventually defeated, and while Yuta didn’t kill him (Satoru did), it definitely contributed to his death.

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