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The 10 Strongest “Wednesday” Characters, Ranked

The Wednesday series on Netflix is ​​one of the streaming giant’s biggest hits in recent years, ranking high on the ladder in terms of viewership. In this regard, now more and more people are addicted to this series. And those who waited for the hype to die down became very enamored with this series as well as it became a mixture of comedy, action, dark fantasy, and romance.

However, there are a lot of different characters on Wednesday, and most of them are members of a group of people called the Outcasts, people gifted with abilities that make them different from normal humans. As such, the outcasts had to find a home at Nevermore Academy, which was Wednesday’s new school. So, with that, let’s take a look at Wednesday’s strongest personalities.

10. Wed

Some people may be confused as to why Wednesday isn’t near the top of this list. After all, she is the main character of the series and the titular character of the entire story. While she is actually one of the most powerful characters in the entire series, Wednesday is still growing up and still learning more about her powers as the series progresses, which is why she is not ranked higher on this list.

Wed is a powerful clairvoyant who has the ability to see negative visions about a particular person whenever she touches them. The way she interprets her visions varies, but the point is that she is able to see into the future and she used these visions to determine her next course of action. We’ve also seen Wednesday to be a skilled fighter and well-trained in swordsmanship, as she was able to stand her ground against a student of Nevermore.

9. Eugene

eugene. jpg

During the earlier part of the series, Eugene did not prove to be much of a threat to anyone as he was a shy and dorky-honest sidekick to Wednesday since they were the only members of the beekeeping club. But Wednesday soon discovered that Eugene was a lovable and trustworthy friend she could count on for help whenever she needed it. And when Wednesday needed him most, he was able to show what he could do.

Eugene may be young, but his potential as a psychic is very high. He has the ability to control bees. This means he can order an entire swarm of bees to attack an opponent, and this came in handy near the end of Season 1 when he was motivated to save his friends. And no one on this planet wants to be on the wrong end of thousands of bee stings.

8. Enid


Introduced as Wednesday’s roommate at Nevermore Academy, Enid is the complete opposite of her as she is cheerful, happy, and friendly. Enid is the shining ray of gloomy Wednesday’s personality. While the initial meeting between the two does not go well due to Wednesday’s somewhat negative outlook on life, Enid eventually becomes her best friend. In that regard, she was one of Wednesday’s most reliable allies throughout the entire season.

Enid’s potential in terms of her power was very high despite the fact that she initially struggled to use her abilities. As a werewolf, she could not “get out of the wolf” and was only able to transform her hands into wolf claws. However, near the end of the season, she finally transforms into a full werewolf which allows her to hold her own against Hyde, who is the most powerful monster in terms of pure brutality and strength.

7. Morticia


While Wednesday tried her best to distance herself from her mother’s legacy in Nevermore, they were very similar to each other, except for the fact that Morticia was more friendly and positive in her outlook on life. Morticia Addams, Head of Household, is the character of style and has all the basic abilities of Wednesday but is more subtle in how she uses her powers.

This means that Wednesday has inherited her mother’s psychic abilities, but the difference is that Morticia can see good events in a person’s future. Morticia’s swordsmanship was also better than anyone else’s during her time in Nevermore. As such, she was often seen as the perfect girl in her younger days. Which is why she belongs on this list as one of the most powerful Wednesdays.

6. Xavier

The mysterious boy residing at Nevermore Academy is Xavier, who immediately senses a connection between him and Wednesday the moment he meets her. Of course, the relationship was rocky during the previous segment because everyone was a suspect when it came to Hyde who was attacking people in Nevermore and the nearby town. However, Xavier quickly became one of Wednesday’s greatest allies, especially because he had feelings for her.

Xavier is a sensitive soul with artistic talent, but it is through his powers that he manages to truly show his artistic abilities. He has a rare ability to fully animate his art, and this has allowed him to transform his paintings and drawings into real objects. Xavier can also see the future in his dreams, and often uses his artistic talent to record these dreams in paintings and drawings.

5. Major Weems


Before becoming Headmistress of Nevermore, Larissa Weems was one of the best students the school was able to produce, though she always ranked second only to Morticia. Of course, she felt inferior to Morticia, and this affected their relationship as roommates to some extent. However, she always prioritized Nevermore Academy’s reputation and was kind enough to treat Morticia and Wednesday with respect.

Weems may not seem like the strongest when it comes to their raw abilities. However, she is an ingenious mutant who can transform into anyone. This ability came in handy several times throughout the series, as she was able to fool many people into thinking she was someone else. And while this power won’t always be useful in combat, it can be a very versatile force that can change the outcome of a conflict.

4. Rowan


Rowan may have only appeared in a few episodes, but those two episodes he appeared in were more than enough to highlight his crude abilities as a psychic. He made his mark with his background and amazing telekinetic abilities, being able to throw Wednesday like a whirlpool and even pin him to a tree with no difficulties whatsoever. This means that it could be said that he was more powerful than anyone else in regards to his telekinesis abilities.

The fact that Roan’s powers were so unique and unlimited was one of the reasons he was a lost character, as he died very early in the story. However, his potential was higher than anyone else’s because he could have become one of Wednesday’s strongest allies had he been sane enough to listen to her story and help her figure out the mystery behind things that were going on at the school.

3. Tyler


Tyler is introduced as the son of the mayor of Jericho. In that regard, it was always meant to be normal, but that wasn’t really the case. However, he was initially the kind and gentle boy who treated Wednesday as a true friend. In fact, he fell in love with Wednesday before the truth of his identity came out.

The truth was that Tyler’s mother was an outcast with Hyde powers. As such, Tyler inherited his mother’s Hyde powers, whereby he can transform into a monstrous creature with supernatural physical abilities that can surpass those of a werewolf. As such, in terms of purely physical abilities, Tyle’s Hyde transformation is right at the top. Hyde’s problem, however, is that he has a “master” whom he needs to obey.

2. Fester


Fester Addams is Wednesday’s eccentric uncle who is one of the strangest characters in the entire story, even when compared to the other outcasts. Of course, we didn’t get to see much of Fester in Season 1, but we can all agree that he is definitely the comedic relief of the series. And while he may be a goofy character, we do know that he’s incredibly powerful.

When surprised by Wednesday, Fester displayed abilities that explained why his niece admired him and enjoyed his company. However, he is most known for his electrokinesis, which allows him to conduct electricity throughout his entire body. Perhaps this ability is the reason why he is almost impervious to pain. We didn’t get to see his full potential, but there is no doubt that he is stronger than almost everyone else in the series.

1. Bianca


Bianca was introduced as the Queen Bee at Nevermore Academy because she was at the top of the popular food chain. She has been the star in almost everything she has ever done, and that was due to her combination of hard work, talent, courage, and abilities. But a lot of different people in Nevermore believe she was able to get away with just about everything she did because she’s the siren.

Given that Bianca is a siren, she has the innate ability to use her voice to convince anyone to do whatever she wants them to do, and this power was so powerful that it could affect someone as powerful as Xavier. As such, she can use her powers to influence the decisions of others and manipulate the way they act. Furthermore, Bianca is one of the best martial artists in the entire school. Combined with her Siren powers, she is basically unstoppable if she wants to use her abilities to their fullest potential.

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