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Did Zen’itsu get the Demon Slayer mark and what does it look like?

Zen’itsu Agatsuma is one of the most interesting characters in all Demon Slayer series. Seemingly cowardly, Zen’itsu has in fact proven himself to be a very powerful and capable demon slayer, but also a troubled person, as he feels constant guilt at his inability to stop his master from committing suicide. The events of his past had a very clear impact on his story, and in this article, we’ll explore a part of that story. It is a known fact that a powerful demon slayer can, under certain circumstances, activate the Demon Slayer Mark, which gives them a powerful boost under certain circumstances. In this article, we will tell you if Zen’itsu has activated his Mark and if so, what it looks like.

No, Zen’itsu Agatsuma didn’t activate the Demon Slayer Mark in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series. He’s one of the few heroes (one notable counterpart being Inosuke) who never activates his Demon Slayer signs, though he definitely deserves it. But, alas, Zen’itsu never received his epic battle (as the fight against Kaigaku was a disappointment), so he never got a proper chance to activate his mark.

The rest of this article will focus on the story of Zen’itsu and why he never received the Demon Slayer Mark in a realm Demon Slayer. We’ve now given you the answer to the question you’ve been looking for, but we’ll expand on it by talking a little bit about the Demon Slayer Mark and why Zen’itsu never had the chance to activate it in the series. This article contains spoilers, but only for those who haven’t seen or read any of it Demon Slayer loop or chapter.

There is a process to activate the Demon Slayer Mark

A demon slayer mark is a mystical mark that can be obtained and appear on the body of a powerful demon slayer, usually its head, but it can also appear on other parts of the body. The mark itself is similar to a tattoo, scar, or birthmark. Almost every demon slayer possesses a unique pattern, possibly related to the breathing technique they use (the Tsugikuni and Tanjir brothers had the same markings, but this was intentional and had symbolic value); Since they are similar to the symbols seen on demons, they have often been compared.

It remains unknown how and why such a mark appears on the body. However, the first recorded owner was Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who was also the first demon slayer and creator of the Sun Breathing Technique, the first breathing technique in history. It was relatively common during the Sengoku era. Most of the records detailing it have been lost. After the Golden Age of Demon Slayers, it became very rare, due to the difficulty in activating it and because Muzan managed to destroy the Legion over the centuries. He reappears during the main timeline when Tanjiro and some other characters manage to activate him.

To activate it, the user must have survived a life-threatening situation, including a heart rate above 200 beats per minute and a body temperature above 39 degrees Celsius. Conditions like these usually kill a person, but if the user manages to survive, that means they deserve the mark, as Muichirō explained.

But activation is supposed to have a cost. Maintaining the Demon Slayer Mark is a complex process that requires a lot of energy, and prolonged use seems to drain the body. This is why many demon slayers with the mark die young, giving rise to the theory that the mark is already cursed and every possessor will die when they reach the age of 25. We already talked about this curse in a previous article, so we won’t repeat ourselves here – we just thought That you need to know the sign of the demon slayer.

So, as we said, Yoriichi was the first person to bear the Demon Slayer’s mark, and he was also the only known holder of a mark that he was actually born with. All Demon Slayer Mark owners have activated it by fulfilling the conditions we discussed above, and this is how it is usually activated. Yoriichi was special in many ways, so that fact is just another addition to how special he is as a character. Now that we’ve explained what the Demon Slayer sign is and how to activate it, we can actually discuss Zen’itsu.

Zen’itsu didn’t have a chance to activate his Mark, but he was a powerful character

Now, not every demon slayer activates the demon slayer tag, which makes sense once you consider that there are certain conditions that must be met. As for Zen’itsu, he never activated his Demon Slayer mark and we will now analyze why. So as we said earlier the conditions that must be met cumulatively are:

  1. Surviving a life-threatening situation
  2. Heart rate above 200 beats per minute
  3. Body temperature above 39°C

Now, as we have said, these conditions must be met and if a person survives them, because, ordinarily, they would be sufficient to kill a person, they deserve the mark. As for Zen’itsu, he’s been in a series of life-threatening situations, but due to his own nature, he’s never really pushed himself to the limit (unless he’s in a state of sleep, but he’s become dominant in that state and won’t really push himself too much) , which is why it may not have met the second and third conditions.

The only real occasion on which he was actually granted these terms was his fight with Kaigaku, his former rival, but the fight proved disappointing, as Zen’itsu defeated Kaigaku with relative ease. The fight had an emotional aspect that was amazing, but in terms of the fight itself, Zen’itsu never pushed himself to the limits and the fight never gave him a chance to activate his mark.

However, in terms of his skills and abilities, Zen’itsu definitely deserves the mark! We are now going to analyze his powers and abilities to show you that Zen’itsu does indeed deserve a mark, which is why it’s such a shame he never received it. Zen’itsu’s hearing is sharp enough to pick up even the faintest sound waves in his immediate environment. Over time, Zen’itsu’s hearing enables him to discern a person’s most secret thoughts. Although Zen’itsu has great reflexes, his cowardice frequently prevents him from getting the most out of them.

Thunder breathing is the primary breathing technique. Zen’itsu was taught Thunder Breath by Jigorō Kuwajima, a former Hashira (his former master). Using this method, a person develops demon-like strength and agility. Thunderbreath is made up of six different forms, but due to Zen’itsu’s limited skill, he was only able to master the first form, which is considered the most basic. However, Zen’itsu has managed to create the seventh stance for himself through constant practice in order to outdo his classmate Kaigaku.

First Form: Thunderclap and Flash allow the user to dash forward and attack their opponent with incredible speed. Zen’itsu has honed this ability to the point where he is able to repeat a move multiple times in quick succession. Zen’itsu often uses the move with Six-Fold Variation but was able to use Eightfold Variation to quickly swipe up to eight times in a row and use the technique simultaneously.

Godspeed is an extension of the first model: Thunderclap and Flash. Zen’itsu can use this technique to increase the speed of Flash Thunder. The only detail is that he can only use this ability twice a day. After the second time, his legs are rendered useless due to the fracture.

Seventh Form: Honoikazuchi no Kami is the original Seventh Form of Thunder Breathing created by Zen’itsu himself; He is the only known user of this form. The user creates a dragon-like creature that emits fire and thunder. It was this stance, along with the speed of the gods, that allowed him to defeat his former entertainment partner and Ob Moon Six, Kaigaku. Shortly before Kaigaku’s death, Zen’itsu confesses that he created this situation on his own, hoping to fight alongside him one day.

When Zenitsu sleeps, he is at his strongest. He reaches his full potential when his life is in danger because the fear he feels is more than his body can handle. When Zen’itsu is asleep, he uses the sword at a high level completely based on his instincts. But as the narrative progresses, he develops his own abilities and courage. He begins to rely less on this ability, and displays the same qualities through self-awareness.

As you can see, Zen’itsu definitely deserves the Demon Slayer mark, because of his stature and his actions, but also because he was definitely of a high enough level to deserve this powerful ability. Which is why it’s such a shame we never get to see it, especially since its design could have been so cool.

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